Housing Services

The Housing Services and Conference Services team manages student housing on all York campuses. The university is also host to numerous conferences and events, and would be happy to provide additional information for your next event.

Sustainability Initiatives currently in the Keele Housing Buildings

  • Recycling of the CFL bulbs and Tubes
  • Battery recycle bins in the residences
  • Water filling stations in the following residences:  Stong, Bethune, Winters, Vanier, Tatham
  • Food waste bins located at Pond, Calumet, Bethune
  • Installing of hand dryers: Winters, Vanier, Tatham
  • Stopping use of Aerosol Glass cleaners in Pond Suite Cleaning kits.
  • Replacing of disposable mops for 250 suites at Pond res to ones where mop heads can be removed and changed as needed.
  • Recycling stations and depots for paper, cardboard, bottles, cans and washroom paper towels.

Please visit our website for additional information.