Mailing Services

Welcome to Mailing Services web site.  We are an institutional unit, part of Bookstore, Print and Mailing Services within CSBO.  We provide services that are essential and basic for the Keele and Glendon campuses, including delivering incoming mail, parcels and internal (inter-office) mail; we meter letters and outgoing parcels with Canada Post and our network of other local and international couriers; and we provide other services like folding and inserting, labeling and other logistics and shipping services.

We understand the importance of the University’s correspondence and movement of goods, and treat our responsibilities seriously and with an emphasis on efficiency.  We work with our colleagues in Printing Services on more complex projects such as direct mail campaigns. Our days begin early, with Canada Post deliveries to our loading dock for all of Keele as we share one postal code: M3J 1P3.  We sort and then fan out across the Keele campus to deliver the mail in the morning, and pick up outgoing mail.   Addresses that are not within that code (Graduate Residences, Passy Gardens, 90 Atkinson and Harry Crowe Cooperative) are all serviced directly by Canada Post.

Please see below for some more information on our services.

Location and Hours of Operation

Mailing Services is located in Room 019 in Curtis Lecture Hall. Our hours of operations are from 7:30am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday. We close at 3 pm on Fridays during the summer months, and we are closed for a limited time during the Christmas break.  (We usually come in before the break is over to receive mail and pre sort it so that your first day we’ll be delivering your mail that morning.)
In the Glendon campus, the Mail room is located adjacent to the Bookstore (under renovations- temporary space is in York Hall 210)  Hours are the same as those posted for the Bookstore.

Additional Information

Glendon Mail

Mail between campuses is routed once daily between mail rooms.  Accordingly, expect a day or more delay for the transfer between campuses.

Folding and Envelope Inserting Services

In conjunction with the Printing Services, we are happy to provide folding and mailing services.  Routinely, we fold and insert one or two pieces, meter and mail for various administrative departments.  For your own unique projects, please contact the Manager of Print and Mailing.  We often can improve your mailing, save significantly on postage or couriers with some planning and understanding of your needs.

Reply mail

We process and track Business reply mail and maintain accounts for these purposes.  Business reply mail is used for surveys and some academic purposes as well as for administration.  Remember, with reply mail, you only pay postage on the ones that respond back to you!


Although postage and couriers are always at the lowest costs we can arrange, there is never anything added to the cost.  Please contact us for costs on some of our services like folding or data work.

Mailbox Rentals

The mailboxes are located inside our unit in 019  Curtis Lecture Hall. The fee is $11.77 per month and a $10 deposit is required.

Address Correction and Validation Service

Improve mailing efficiency and eliminate returned mail due to incorrect addressing. We can identify incomplete or invalid addresses, eliminate duplicates, and in some cases correct addresses before you mail, helping you to get your information where it needs to go. Data work is often the most important part of your mailing campaign, and so please contact us well in advance of your mailing to work on data cleaning and letter- shopping services.

Postal and Courier Rates

Contact us for specifications if you are looking at a bulk mailing, and of course visit Canada Post web site to review updated postal rates.  Also contact us about use of Purolator and other couriers.

  • Pick up and deliver for internal, external, and Glendon mail that is within the M3J 1P3 postal code. Addresses that are not within that code (Graduate Residences, Passy Gardens, 90 Atkinson and Harry Crowe Cooperative) are all serviced directly by Canada Post.
  • Process Canada Post Courier, Registered mail, USA and International mail, for account customers.
  • Process carded items for non M3J 1P3 addresses on campus.
  • Handle mass distribution of promotional material and general information notices.
  • Provide folding and envelope inserting services, rental mailboxes and the sale of stamps.