Lug a Mug

Discount on Coffee? Yes please!

By being aware of the impact we have on our surroundings, we can take action that is ecologically, economically, and socially conscious. Benefit your wallet by bringing a reusable mug to campus food vendors when purchasing coffee or tea.

Reusable mugs are accepted at all campus food vendors, and the following vendors offer a discount ranging from $.10 to $.25!

  • Café Suprême
  • Central Square Cafeteria
  • Complex 1 Cafeteria
  • Complex 2 Cafeteria
  • Country Style Kosher Deli
  • Glendon Cafeteria
  • Las Nubes Coffee
  • TEL Cafeteria
  • Tim Hortons (all campus locations)
  • Timothy’s Market Cafe
  • Second Cup

Don’t have a reusable mug?  One can be purchased from the Bookstore or at the following locations: Central Square, TEL, Glendon Cafeteria, and Complex 1 & 2 Cafeterias, Las Nubes Coffee, Second Cup, or Café Suprême.

In time, your mug will pay for itself and it will continue to help the environment each time you use it by reducing the amount of non-recyclable foam and coated-paper garbage.

The following locations offers china mugs on site, including the Absinthe Pub (Winters College) and Second Cup.

Proud Lug a Mug Supporters: