YU Rock Employee Recognition Program

YU Rock 

Recognizing employees and teams for great work and going above and beyond
Ancillary Services is excited to launch a monthly employee recognition program called YU Rock (pronounced Why You Rock).

The YU Rock monthly employee recognition program acknowledges employees and teams for great work and going above and beyond their normal job duties. This program provides all York University community members (e.g. staff, student, visitor) with the ability to acknowledge a job well done by any Ancillary employee.

YU Rock accepts nominations for any Ancillary Services employee based on six criteria - service excellence, innovation/creativity, initiative, volunteerism, positive attitude or other (for example leadership, commitment, teamwork, health and safety). All YU Rock nominations that meet the program criteria will be recognized and receive a YU Rock (pronounced You Rock) certificate of recognition. One of the YU Rock recipients will be selected by random draw to have a spotlight on them, which is a short profile on their nomination or a short biography. A communication of the spotlighted employee along with a listing of all the certificate holders will be posted out via the Ancillary web page, the YU Rock MySites for internal Ancillary employees and the designated union posting boards. The YU Rock Spotlight also gives us an opportunity to get to know our Ancillary colleagues.

YU Rock nomination forms can be found electronically at www.yorku.ca/ancillary for online completion and submission. Paper copies can be picked up and dropped off under the job posting board outside PRB 1055 or by HR Services-CSBO and can be dropped off in any internal mailbox or outside of PRB 1055.

If you have any questions about the YU Rock employee recognition program you can send an email to yurock@yorku.ca or contact Catherine Moon-Chong at extension 55317.

YU Rock Spotlight

The April 2020 YU Rock Spotlight goes to Sylvain Fanor for Commitment.  Sylvain’s nomination and selection as a YU Rock recipient is for the commitment to required work that needs to be done on campus during the pandemic period. For working hard to deliver important custodial services work to the entire York University Community.  Sylvain has worked at York University for just over 21 years.



YU Rock Sylvain!    


YU Rock Recipients

We had an extraordinary number of submissions to the Y-U Rock employee recognition program.  We want to thank everyone for their nominations.  The list of YU Rock recipients for April 2020 is:

Custodial Services team - Commitment
Housing & Conference Services team – Service Excellence
Gabriel Nedelea – Health & Safety Cathy Piper – Health & Safety
Karen Savage – Health & Safety Charles Antobre – Health & Safety
Ravi Chelliah – Health & Safety